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Timber Harvesting, Thinning & Clearfell Service

Roland Forestry offers a full range of contracting and timber marketing services to woodland and forestry owners.

Roland Forestry uses a number of different harvesting approaches to maximise returns for the landowner and to maximise future returns from harvesting.

We carry out harvesting operations in 1st , 2nd, 3rd  and subsequent thinning’s and clearfell.

We offer services such as a low ground pressure forwarding approach which minimises ground disturbance and has a much lower risk of causing damage to roots than conventional forwarders. This in the long term adds a greater value to the crop due to a reduced amount of windblow in stands and better quality timber at the base of the tree due to the forwarder being narrower and being better able to turn corners.

We offer solutions for steep sites with specialist machinery and operators with large amounts of experience operating machinery on steep sites.

We adhere to the forest service Standards for Felling and Reforestation. Any mitigation measures such as silt traps and bridging points outlined on the harvest plan can be put in place by Roland Forestry.

We cover all the aspects of timber harvesting from applying for a felling license, harvesting and extracting the timber and delivering the sawn logs to the sawmill. Also forest road construction if required.

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For timber harvesting enquiries please call our office on 056 7793974 or Alfie on 086 2577346